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Welcome to the Mystery Gallery

We invite you, students and parents alike, to join "The Mystery Gallery" with your photos, drawings, and stories of your favorite days working through The Mystery of History. It can be scans of your drawings and writings, a picture of your timeline, or of an activity that you have worked on. Maybe it will be your kids playing leap frog as they pretend they are jumping bulls in a dangerous sport played by the Minoans in Crete!  You decide what you would like to share so we can display your work to curious viewers. 

If you would like to be in The Mystery Gallery, send an email of your story and an attachment of a picture or scan of what you would like to contribute to Lisa at lisaleann@charter.net.

To take a closer look, click on the pictures. 

My daughter, Madeline, is 6 years old and in the first grade. I feel very fortunate to have found The Mystery of History at the beginning of our homeschool journey. The writing style touches me deeply and the activities really engage my daughter. The timeline is her favorite part of the curriculum and we spend a lot of time coloring the figures. Sometimes we've even made our own for something that I wanted to further clarify. I have access to a laminating machine, so I laminate them after we color them to protect the figures from my curious 3 year old! We glue googly eyes on them just for a fun touch! The Mystery of History has been an enormous blessing in our home this year!


Linda Hobar in Nashville, TN "I feel like I took a trip back to ancient time when I recently visited Nashville, Tennessee.   Nashville considers itself the Athens of the South and proudly displays and an exact replica of the Parthenon from Athens, Greece.  It’s an amazing structure to see.  To appreciate the size of the columns, notice how small I am standing next to them!  Also pictured is a huge replica statue of the Greek goddess Athena which stood in the original Parthenon.  Of course, the structure suffered great damage in wars against the Persians, but much of the real Parthenon still stands in ruins in Athens.” 

Linda Hobar

Image goes hereThe girls really enjoyed wrapping each other up like mummies!  Thank you Linda for such a fun family memory!


Image goes hereMy son keeps begging me to read him more history.  He would have us read and discuss MOH all day if I'd let him!  Here he is with the timeline we have going up the stairway.  It's wonderful that he's learning at such an early age that the things he reads about in the Bible were taking place alongside all of the other events in history, something I know I didn't truly understand until I was much older than he is.

Sherry in MD

Image goes here"My daughter's favorite subject is The Mystery of History. Here she is doing her timeline."

Tara in the U.S.

Image goes here"This is our first year homeschooling and my boys love the acitivities they get to do with The Mystery of History. Here is a picture they wanted to share of them in front of a Ziggaraut. Mom helped them with the bigger then life look."

Lisa from the West Coast

Image goes hereThis is Ashley displaying the "handwriting on the wall" found in the story of Daniel and Belshazzar. We left the sign up in our dining room for a few weeks. It made a great conversation piece.

Linda, Ohio

Image goes hereOne of our favorite activities was wrapping up like mummies - our stuffed animals and all - because the Egyptians mummified themselves and their pets!

Ashley, Age 7

Image goes hereKyle building a Sumerian ziggurat made out of sugar cubes.  The cubes were to remind us that the Sumerians had step pyramids rather than smooth-sided ones like the Egyptians.  Of course the most fun was eating a few bricks!

Linda, Ohio

Image goes hereWhen my husband and I brought our two daughters home to home school them, we had a brand new baby and toddler.  I knew that I was taking on a lot from the get go, but thought as my little boys grow this will get easier and easier.  It never occurred to me that curriculums could make it harder!  After two and a half painful years, trying curriculum after curriculum, a friend told me about The Mystery of History.  We have FUN with school now.  What a blessing!  What had been an unpleasant task became a pleasant and enjoyable experience for the whole family.  Here Maggie had a blast designing her writing assignment on Eric the Red.

Anne from the East Coast

A Poem on Why I Love Mystery of History

Why do I love Mystery of History?
Dear internet friends, let me count the ways.
I love it for revealing His story
The gospel of Christ, the Ancient of Days.

I love it for starting with the first day
God formed our world, and on day six made man.
And going in order, these books will stay
As page by page, Linda reveals God's plan.

I love it for whetting our appetite
And never letting our children feel burned
With games and tests that are fun to get right
Providing them wisdom that lasts long-term.

I love it for the timeline, memory cards,
And stories that have turned us into bards.
Christian, chronological, classical,
Complete - It's turned me quite fanatical!


Image goes hereHere is a page from Emma's lapbook. History and art all in one lesson.

Anne from the East Coast


Classical, Chronological, Complete
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