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The Mystery of History Curriculum
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Upcoming Volume
Volume IV - Revolutions and Rising Nations

Upon completion, The Mystery of History will be a four volume* set of classical, chronological, complete world history.   Though progressing in difficulty, each in itself is a stand alone curriculum for all ages.  Each will be written in the same user-friendly format which includes pretests, quizzes, mapping, timeline, and age appropriate activities for reinforcement, enrichment, and fun. 

Volume IV, the last and final volume, will not replace American history for students seeking American history requirements. However, this volume will weave major events of U.S. history into world history giving a broader appreciation of both. In much the same way that Volume I uniquely integrates Bible and “secular” history, I will strive in Volume IV to integrate American history with “world” events in a refreshing and meaningful way.

The release date of Volume IV will be announced when that information is known. For your planning purposes, it will be several years until that volume is available. I am presently writing; I am called and committed to the task; and I greatly appreciate your prayers for the integrity of the work, accuracy in presenting it, and expediency in its delivery. 

*If you previously heard that this curriculum was a five-volume set, you heard correctly! That was my original plan. However, after much prayer and many surveys, the publisher’s and I have agreed that a four volume series is more attainable, cost-efficient, and user-friendly. Thus, my Table of Contents for Volumes IV and V have been merged and modified to span the 1700’s to modern times. It will be a hefty study!

Classical, Chronological, Complete
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